VoptXP Product Review (5 stars)

By Cathy Grammer-Margolin, reviews@netsurfernews.com

VoptXP by Golden Bow Systems is a major upgrade to an old friend! It defragments your hard drive and you do not have to do it overnight! Boy is it fast!  I always call this the program Microsoft forgot.

 Fragmentation of your hard drive is explained as:  Over time as you write files to your hard drive, they tend to loose fragments of files. It also takes longer to find files as bits and pieces of files tend to be scattered all over your hard drive. Defragmentation is the moving together of all files in contiguous spaces, which is good for your files and also speeds up your hard drive.

 The new version of VoptXP runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  Windows XP itself does include a  new defragmentation program  but it is still very slooowww.  This is why I was so happy to get the new version of VoptXP,  since it is zooms right along. Using VoptXP,  I defragmented a 6 gig hard drive in under 3 minutes.

VoptXP Before


VoptXP after Defragmentation

Not only is it fast for defragmentation, but it includes new tools such as batch defragmentation, scheduling, drive test, memory usage, performance tests, error checking, and file search. You can see and set your virtual memory settings and there are privacy and cleanup tools such as cookie removal, internet history and temp file  cleanup. There is also a new Tune up of display, internet, and system. 

VoptXP is used on the well-known PCPITSTOP.com site to test hard drives. PCPITSTOP.com is a site where you can test your system without doing any damage and it will help you figure out what is wrong with your system.  

 For more information on VoptXP, or a free 30 day trial, visit www.goldenbow.com or call  800-284-3269. Happy De-fragging with VoptXP!



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