My Love Affair with a Seiko Label Printer

By George Margolin,

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Cathy and I have had label printers for quite a few years. The first one was given to us by Bob Strathearn, NOCCC member, our close friend and accountant. "I’ve got an extra one that you CAN have." he said.

"Who needs it?" said I. "What’s wrong with chicken scratches on labels as I’ve always done and you used to do.? Who needs these new fangled gimmicks. My quill pen is good enough for my labels. So the goose doesn’t like it? Who cares? Does Bill Gates care because I don’t like Win95? "

Well, Bob convinced us, since the price was right – free. So I started using it. And Cathy started using it. And pretty soon EVERTHING in the house – had these cute and very easy to read labels on it. Important labels like: Mail In, Mail Out, Mail Neither In Nor Out but in Transit, Things to Eat. Things NOT to Eat, Things you SHOULDN"T Eat, Things that Might Eat YOU, if you’re not Careful. You get the idea. For a short while we even had labeled body parts. Embarrassing when you got to the Post Office or Bank!

Comments like: "You don’t know what your legs, arms and feet are called? You have to LABEL them? Really!!!"

Soon we found that the narrow labels created by our First, then Second purchased Seiko Label makers – were too narrow for Some of our needs – like labeling Moose and Elephant body parts and LARGE file cabinets. So when we discovered the Large Size Seiko Smart Label Pro we HAD to have it! We Have it! That’s why this product review.

If we "liked" the previous two – we "LOVE" this one. It prints labels Much Faster. Prints bigger and Smaller ones (thin enough for CD end labels). And it prints these 3 second labels in one continuous sweep, rather than the reciprocating motion of the previous ones.

Are there any problems with it? Yes. Since it uses Thermal technology, the labels will turn yellow and fade. So they will need replacing in something over a year. It the label is placed in constant bright light (sunlight, for example) it will change much more rapidly. BUT – if you save the name of the label in the handy dandy database – you’ll be able to reprint them almost instantly.

And for one of a kind mailing labels for letters and packages – where archival life does not matter – they are PERFECT!

Cow Label

Are the labels cheap? No, they cost about ten cents each, but they are a joy to make and use. Cathy and I each have one label maker permanently attached to our computers. Nuf said?

The latest models range from list prices of $139 for the EZ30 WIN to $245 for the wide label Seiko Smart Labels Pro WIN which I’m using to demonstrate the system.







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