The best CD Label Applicator- LabelWhiz

By George Margolin,

We have tried tons of CD-ROM Label applicators to no avail - you just twist everything up in knots. That is until we tried the LabelWhiz applicator found at and it danced the socks off any other CD applicator!

With most other applicators, you put the CD on the "unit" and carefully try to put on a label over the CD. With the adhesive side down, the hard part is getting the label to stick to the CD without creases, a very hard task, I must say!

With LabelWhiz, you put the CD on one side and the label on the other and just close it! No positioning, no trying to position it correctly so there are no creases, etc. It really works - just like a clamshell!

It comes in a CD Labeling kit with software and labels plus the award-winning applicator for $25.95 (sometimes on special!), Inc.,14 Segada,Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 USA
Phone: 949-858-7855


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