When Caps Lock/Num Lock Keys Are Pressed

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Do you want your Caps Lock and Num Lock keys to play a sound when you press them, so you donít suddenly find yourself typING IN ALL CAPS or typing numbers instead of paging up and down? Then call upon ToggleKeys. 

Open the Control Panel and double-click Accessibility Options. On the Keyboard tab, select Use ToggleKeys, then click OK. From now on, pressing Caps Lock or Num Lock (or Scroll Lock) plays one of two sounds (depending on whether youíre turning the button on or off). 

Note: If you donít see Accessibility Options in your Control Panel, you need to install it using your Windows 98 installation disk. Inside the Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs. Click the Windows Setup tab and, under Components, select Accessibility. Click the Details button, select Accessibility Tools, click OK twice, and so on.) 

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