E-Mail Hints

By Cathy Margolin, reviews@netsurfernews.com

  • Never use all capital letters in an e-mail- it is considered SHOUTING, which is rude.
  • If you are sending to lots of people, please use bcc: (called blind carbon copy) for the list and send the To: to yourself. That way not everyone gets everyone else’s e-mail address. Be considerate. An example is : To: inventor00@pobox.com bcc: all the people on my humor list to get a daily joke.
  • If sending on items like jokes which have been send by many others with many other names in the message, please mark the area you want others to see, and copy into a new e-mail message. Most people hate going though 4 pages of names to get to the joke/message.
  • Please include a meaningful title on the subject line. Most people hate getting one saying "no subject" and having to open the message (maybe days later) to find out it was really important.
  • Always include your name, as not all e-mail addresses are meaningful. Mine is inventor00@pobox.com, so I try to always include " Cathy Grammer-Margolin, inventor00@pobox.com" at the bottom of the message.
  • Always send the message as text instead of html (if possible) since many people cannot read it if it is in html format unless they cut and paste into another document then pull it up in their browser (and most people will not do this). AOL with 14 million people can only convert some parts of html e-mail messages.
  • Unless you know that a person is retired with nothing to do except read e-mail, please be considerate with the volume of mail you pass on. With my joke list, I have daily readers and weekly readers (weekly being people who have too much e-mail and only want one to two a week). Sometimes people are shy about telling you to reduce the volume (they are not like shy , retiring me…not). Also to some people, reading e-mail is not a priority. Some many read it once a month. So be aware of your audience.
  • If you use AOL, you might consider using BPS Software’s Power Tools as an address book to sort addresses, groups of people, etc. For a free trial version, Goto Keyword BPS.

Emoticons: Richard Hanson has this as a definition: An emoticon (also known as a "smiley") is a symbol composed of a few text characters, and used as a kind of emotional shorthand to add meaning to a message. For example, an emoticon may be used at the end of a comment to indicate that the comment was not intended to be taken seriously. Most emoticons are designed to be interpreted with the viewer's head tilted over to the left. (From: http://www.utopiasw.demon.co.uk/emoticon.htm -this site also has a list of the more common ones.)

E-mail acronyms can also be found at : (such as BTW, which is By the way, LOL which is Laughing Out Loud, etc.) http://www.utopiasw.demon.co.uk/acronyms.htm


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